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  2. 另一個好消息:高速鐵路鞍座山東車站廣場將優化民用改造
    發布時間:2018-10-22 08:58:14  來源:鄭州網站優化公司-朗創營銷  瀏覽次數:255

    At the meeting, the Engineering Design Institute introduced the preliminary design scheme for the convenience of the reconstruction of the square and underground hub of Shandong Station in Ma'an. The scheme mainly includes: building the wind and rain corridor of the square to make people integrate with the corridor design of the station yard and the square after leaving the station d, making the appearance more harmonious and beautiful; rebuilding the descending area of the square and planning the square.The southern side was converted into a car falling area, making it close to tickets and more public buses.It is convenient and fast, expands the taxi queuing area, increases the number of vehicles in the taxi waiting area, and reduces the difficulty of taxi leaving the station.After listening to the introduction of the programme, the participants elaborated on the plan.This paper expounds their views and puts forward constructive suggestions and suggestions for further perfecting the plan.